We are entering a new world, after the closings due to the pandemic, that has many challenges and changes. Wearing masks in public is our new norm, social distancing guidelines are in place everywhere and businesses are having to figure out how to open safely. While these issues will most likely remain prominent for years to come, for many people and businesses alike, it’s time to start getting used to our new normal.

The golf world is experiencing a range of changes as well. Golf courses and clubs are beginning to see the increasing need for single rider cars to maintain healthy social distancing practices. For the avid golfer or even newcomers, this could mean a large change in how you golf all together. Golfers could experience longer wait times or even filled tee times due to less capacity. One way courses and clubs are trying to combat these challenges is by providing the option of bringing in personal golf cars to accommodate single rider usage.

With new rules and guidelines, comes longer wait times and lines and golf courses are no exception. During this reopening period in our country and individual states, single rider usage has become a sticking point for most courses. With only a certain amount of single rider cars at one course, the amount of people golfing at one time will be limited. This can slow down the turnover of people golfing, it can reduce the amount of people a course can accommodate within a days time, and can make reserving tee times and cars a much longer process.

Many courses are beginning to allow private golf cars on their courses to help mitigate the lack of inventory and longer wait times. It is becoming easier and more efficient to bring a personal car to your course, not only for the comfort and  security of knowing where the car has been and how clean it is, but also for the peace of mind knowing you won’t have to worry about the hassle of renting a car from the course when there may not be any. Masek is here and ready to help with any inquiries about your own personal single rider car. Golf on!


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