Golf is an industry that has been around for hundreds of years. With deep roots in its traditions, it can be a sport that hesitates to adjust and is slow to adapt to changing times. In the world we currently live in, a time where things are changing rather rapidly, the need for a change in golf is not far behind. Like we spoke about last week, the need for single rider cars is on the rise to accommodate new safety guidelines. This means your everyday visit to the links could look very different. As of right now, courses are seeing a huge inflow of golfers but not enough cars to go around. With new guidelines, each car they have is only able to carry a single person and their accompanying gear no matter what the size of the golf car is. This is causing a need for change in the golf world. 

While golf cars are a staple point in golf and have been for many decades, the usage and needs of the golf car has adapted. Single rider usage has brought many questions to courses on the efficiency and cost effectiveness of running a full sized golf car fleet. While modern day gas or electric cars are much more efficient than their predecessors, they are built to handle multiple people and the corresponding gear. With the current need for only one person and one set of clubs, the modern golf car is over engineered and overpriced for the current demand. Many golf courses and clubs have become much more inclined to give another form of transportation a shot, the scooter. They are more cost effective, easier to maintain, and are perfect for single rider courses. Not to mention the added revenue to the courses. From a revenue standpoint, most courses have standard cart fees in their regular rates. With the scooters, it gives an opportunity to charge a premium, typically around $20 per scooter, on top of the regular rates.

Companies like Phat Scooter and Finn Scooter are companies that are feeling the change in the world and in golf. They have seen a huge amount of interest from courses now needing single rider options. Even just a few months ago, these companies were only receiving four to five inquiries a month. Now, they are receiving multiple a day. The future of the golf car still seems to be up in the air, but this trend seems to be pointing to an additional transportation option, the single rider scooter. So whether it’s in a golf car or on a scooter, golfing will persevere through these unusual times and continue swinging on the other side.

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