How many times would you say that you take your car to the shop within a year? For most people the answer would be 3-6 times a year depending on the amount of usage, whether it is to check oil levels, tire pressure, battery life or any other problems a car might come across. With your golf car, this can all be done at home! It is a great idea to preform minor maintenance to keep everything running smoothly and avoid any major complications. Depending on whether you have a gas or electric golf car, there are different steps you can take to insure your golf car stays in tip top shape.
Electric golf cars: In an electric golf car you will always want to make sure it has a charge. With most modern day charging appliances, you can leave a car plugged in without any issues for weeks at a time. When a car runs out of charge and the batteries completely die, the charger will not be able to pick up a voltage reading, which is what tells the charger to click on or off. If the batteries completely die, a jump charge will need to be administered for the charger to work properly again. Without a charge, you also run the risk of having your batteries freeze if they are not stored in a warm enough climate, especially during the winter. You will also want to check the water levels on your batteries. With high usage of the car, it is best to check the water levels every two weeks and with low usage, usually during the winter months, you should check the water levels month to month. The water within the batteries is what allows them to hold a charge and without water for a prolonged amount of time, the battery will become damaged and in most cases lead to needing a replacement. Finally, you should check the tire pressure every 6 -8 weeks to make sure there is no unnecessary drag on your car.
Gas golf cars:  Just like in your own vehicle, make sure to check oil levels. With heavy usage, you should check the levels once a month, with moderate to light usage, every 6 weeks will do. Also, check the air filter monthly to make sure it is free of debris and excess dirt. Air filters that become too dirty can hinder performance of a golf car by reducing speed or not allowing the car to start. Finally, just as with electric cars, check tire pressure every 6-8 weeks to make sure there is no unnecessary drag on your car.
For both golf cars, it is always a good idea to bring them in for an annual inspection. Our service department is ready to support you in keeping your golf car in pristine condition. The most seen issue with golf cars usually arise because of poor upkeep and maintenance. With minor maintenance done at home alongside an annual inspection, your golf car will be happy, healthy and ready to roll.

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