At this point, I’m sure most of us have heard about the importance of social distancing to stay safe and reduce spread of Covid 19. Standing 6 feet apart has been the main staple point officials have been trying to hit home to all of us, so it get us thinking, what are some activities that are 6 feet apart? Well the obvious activities that come to mind are staying inside, watching movies, cleaning and some living room exercises, but that can become rather monotonous and down right claustrophobic.  Golf cars are a great solution to these problems! Not only are they a quick and efficient way to to get around the neighborhood, they also give you a personal bubble of protection while you are out and about. They are simple and easy to sanitize, allow for easy and safe transportation for people of all ages, and lets face it, are always a fun time.
Cleaning and sanitizing everything you touch can be a hassle, but with a golf car, the process is easy. All it takes is a disinfectant wipe to the seat, steering wheel and dash and you are good to go! It really is that simple to keep your golf car sanitized.  For more in depth cleaning tips you can check out our education page where we go over all of the steps to maintaining a spotless golf car
Not only are golf cars easy clean, but they are notoriously easy to use. People of all ages can benefit from  and enjoy the ease of golf car driving. Because it is so easy, it makes for a great way to get out and enjoy our lovely Colorado weather. No need to worry about the 6 foot social distancing rule when you can cruise through your neighborhood on a personal social distancing machine. Fresh air is something we are all looking for more of these days and golf cars offer a fun and relaxing way to get some.  Many golf courses in Aurora and Longmont are even allowing the use of personal golf cars. This allows you to social distance in the comfort of your own freshly sanitized golf cart.
Social distancing is the new normal so you should embrace it with the addition of a fun, easy, and clean golf car. Come back next week for another Masek blog post.











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