How to make a golf cart street legal

When someone thinks golf car one the first things that probably comes to mind is playing golf. More specifically you probably see an image of your favorite course the pro-shop some of the beverage cars roaming around on a sunny afternoon. But as most of you likely already know a golf car can be used for many different purposes like hauling tools around a job site, moving clients around an event, cruising around the neighborhood with the kids etc. In all of those situations a “SMV” or slow moving vehicle is required to legally move around on public roads. SMV can also be interpreted as making a vehicle street legal. It is important to note that different cities, counties, jurisdictions, and even  HOA’s can have different requirements to make a slow moving vehicle so always double check your areas by-laws. But in this posting we will be going over the basic requirements to begin making your golf car street legal.


Lights will be a necessity to make any vehicle street legal you will need:

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Golf Cart Windshield-

Because you will be on the road with general traffic you will need a windshield to help with visibility and protect you from debris and weather. The most popular windshields for golf carts are the clear shatter resistant folding windshields.

Golf Cart Mirrors-

  You’ll want to make sure you have clear view of your surroundings while driving on the street. The most popular and required mirrors for on-street driving are:

Golf Cart Safety-

  • Seat Belts For ALL Drivers And Passengers: This is a given. You definitely need to make sure that everyone is buckled up!

  • Slow Moving Vehicle Sign: Many local ordinances require you to to have a “Slow Moving Vehicle” sign while out on the road. While it’s not ALWAYS required, we always recommend it.

Remember to always check your local laws to make sure your are up to code and enjoy your new street legal vehicle!