Meet the Crew – Denver, Colorado

Denver Dogs

Jackson – Chief Security Officer


Meet Jackson, Masek Golf Cars of Colorado’s Chief of Security. Jackson has loyally been with the company for 11 years now.

Jackson enjoys chasing bungee rockets, cats, squirrels, and skunks in his spare time. He also enjoys grilling steaks, burgers and brats with friends and family. His favorite breakfast is a sausage McMuffin!





Denver Golf Cart Sales

Jason Masek – President


Meet Jason Masek, President of Masek Golf Cars of Colorado. Jason has been working in the industry for 13 years now. He started working for the family business after college, where he played the parts of, the sales guy, the delivery guy, mobile technician and the parts manager. As soon as the opportunity became available Jason came to Denver to head-up the Colorado Branch where he started with only two employees. Since then he has enjoyed growing the Denver Branch and in 2012 with the help of his dedicated General Manager and Staff, “Masek Rocky Mountain Distribution, Inc” was formed. In 2013, he was finally given the ability to scan his own documents and images to his desktop by his office manager.

Jason has a wife and two boys, he enjoys snowboarding, playing guitar, bike riding with his sons, attending concerts and socializing with whomever will listen to him. Jason loves the challenge and responsibility that come along with being the president of this company.

Fun Fact: Even though Jason has been working in the golf industry for well over a decade, he still has not legitimately shot under 100.



John Halbert – GM/Fleet Sales Manager


Meet John Halbert Masek Golf Cars of Colorado’s General Manager/Fleet Sales Manager. John has been in the industry for 38 years. His best of those 38 have been spent here where he has become a critical role in the organization as well as playing the part of stand up comedian. John enjoys shooting bungee rockets at our president on a daily basis which he has dubbed “brainstorming sessions.”

John has a wife and two sons, he likes camping and hiking, shooting (only targets), football, football and more football.

Fun Fact: John is a Fantasy Freak!!.




Meet Ron Chavez our Rental Manager. Ron has been with Masek’s since March of 2013. Ron manages our rental inventory and arranges deliveries. Ron was born in a place far from Colorado. His parent’s Lara and Jor-El had originally named him Kal-El, but upon arrival to Colorado his adoptive parents decided to call him Ron instead. Ron spends his free time helping people where ever and whenever they are in need. Ron is currently attending Colorado Christian University to get his B.A. in Business Management in Human Resources. He has 4 Super children of his own and a beautiful wife. His Favorite colors are Crimson Red, White, and Dark Blue.

Ron enjoys playing football, coaching football, watching football, fantasy football, and yes he’s a Raiders fan!

Fun Fact: He is a huge comic book nerd.




Clark Marley - Parts Manager

Clark Marley – Parts Manager


Meet Clark Marley our Parts Manager, he has been with Masek since 2008. He has decades of experience in parts systems, inventory control, and customer service. Clark spends his days behind the parts counter helping customers in any way he can. He truly enjoys helping his customers, If the parts you need are not on the shelf he will do his best to get them for you.

In his spare time, he enjoys motorcycling, animals, sports, country music, old movies, and is a bird hunter.

Fun Fact: Clark spent 6 (of his younger) years road racing motorcycles.





Baker – Controller


Meet Baker he is the “Controller”. He has over 35 years of experience in accounting, managing small businesses, and teaching from 6th grade to the college level. He graduated from the University of South Dakota and later from Black Hills State University.

Baker’s favorite hobby is Traveling to the Southwest and Southeast. Ten years ago, He was a local fixture at small venues around the Denver Metro Area performing comedic music on the weekends.

Fun Fact:   When he was with an orchestra tour through Europe on the way to their concert, the bus driver got lost.  The men were already dressed to the nines in tuxes with tails, the ladies in their formal gowns, pearls, and high heels.  They ended up at a rural beer garden in southern Germany.  Not to miss an opportunity to perform, Baker quickly rounded up members of his side gig.  Soon, the locals were having a blast dancing to the music of the best dressed polka band in the world!




Jordan Weber

Jordan Weber – District Sales Manager


Meet Jordan Weber our District Sales Manager. Jordan was born a Norwegian immigrants son during the late turn of the century he was brought to Colorado via the Oregon Trail.  When his wagon lost two wheels crossing the Platte he was forced to set up a camp in the greater Denver area.  In the year of 19 ought 2 he was out tending to the cattle when a nasty storm arose.  He had no time to make it back to civilization and was forced to cut the innards out of a cow to stay alive.  After weeks of freezing temperatures his body had finally surcome to the elements and he was frozen in a cryogenic state until 1992. He was unfrozen at the age of 7 by a band of traveling gypsies who brought him to the great land of Idaho.  There he stayed until 2008 when fate would bring me back to the frozen wasteland from which he froze.  Upon return, he found that society had made vast advances and he no longer had to tend to the lands for sustenance.  He quickly found work with a company which rented these new fangled machines called snowmobiles upon the great pass of Vail.  There he stayed for two forts nights until coming back to the valley from which he froze.  There he found work at Masek’s again tending to the land in “the yard”.  Recently they decided his time outdoors was up and an indoor dog he became.  They now refer to him as “district sales manager” but he prefers the title Fleet Sales Extraordinar.




Harold Shultes – Retail Golf Car Sales


This is Harold Shultes our resident retail sales guru. He has been in the Golf Car business for 34 years.

He is married to his wife Joyce and is a proud grandpa of 2. He enjoys spending his free time with his grand kids or hot-rodding to car shows in one of his Chevelle’s.






Scott Blanchette – Service Manager